Tuesday, November 18, 2014


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Thank you to Sew Sisters for hosting Blogathon Canada for their 3rd year. Also a big thank you to Linda at Scrapmaster  and Linda at Stitch Lines for being our Maritime hosts for today. Make sure to hop on over to their blogs and if you missed out on yesterdays bloggers, check out Stacey in Stitches and Momiji Studio from BC.

Each year I look forward to seeing what Canadian quilters/textiles artists are working on and meeting new people. It creates a wonderful sense of community! This summer I unplugged so that I could spend more time with my husband and children and fly to Alberta to visit family for the first time in five years. While there, we had the opportunity to check out the Western Threads exhibit at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton. There is some pretty amazing textile and fibre art happening across this country. Once we got back to Nova Scotia my sewing room became our storage room and we embarked on kitchen and bathroom renovations. Today is my day off and I FINALLY get to reclaim my space now that all the work is done. (read as .... catch up on my We Bee Canada quilt blocks that I am months behind on and Teresa hasn't had access to her sewing room since July soooo .... no quilt pics to see for now ... sorry)

We moved to Nova Scotia almost 5 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario. My daughters' dance and music lesson schedules prevent me from joining any guilds. I have come to realize that one of the things that I miss most is the community of textile artists that I had around me .... those days of packing up to head to the Quiltin' Hilton for the weekend with my group of quilting friends. So, a couple of weeks ago, I packed up and drove to Cape Breton to seek out like minded fibre people at the Maritime Handspinners' Retreat hosted by the Unspun Heroes. 

I drove up on Tuesday to the beautiful Gaelic College to participate in a daylong Historical Knitting workshop on Wednesday and a Wet Felting workshop that spanned Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

My first foray into Wet Felting .... the layout before felting. Today, my plan is to finish the embellishing (I'll post a pic of the finished project)
The retreat began Friday afternoon and lasted until Sunday noon. It is amazing how quickly friendships can be forged over a bag of fibre, a spinning wheel, shared stitching with over 80 spinners/weavers in one room. The Gaelic Singing at the Milling Frolic and the Ceilidh only added to the wonderful atmosphere in the room.

Sunday Morning in the Great Hall in the Hall of the Clans before anyone arrived to pack up and go home.
 I went knowing not a soul and came home with planned retreats in January and February to meet up with new friends in NB and Maine; I came home reminded what I love about quilting, spinning, and weaving....that lovely community! I have seen this clip floating around FB lately. It is so true!

If you are new to quilting (spinning/weaving or whatever your preferred textile passion is) or have never had the opportunity to head to a retreat, my advice is to find one and go. I'm a home body and introvert so I usually suffer about a week or so of "what the heck did I sign myself up for?" panic but once I get there, I have never regretted it....I learn new tricks, built lifelong friendships, and typically laugh until my sides hurt.

If you know of any textile related retreats that are coming up in  2015 then please feel free to share in the comments below. I would love to hear about what is happening in your community and who knows, maybe I might pack up my car and join you!


  1. What fun! I'm a sister introvert and have never been to a retreat. Perhaps I'll have to step out of my comfort zone in the future. Not that there are that many opportunities up here in Cape Breton!! Have a happy day! ~karen

  2. Wonderful post and retreats are such fun , it has been a while for me but I sure enjoyed those I took part in . Your wet felting looks like fun , will be anxious to see it finished .

  3. How nice that you had the opportunity to connect with others in your area! Nice to meet you through the Blogathon!

  4. That is soooo... cool. I've been living here for 15 years (also an Ontario transplant!) and had no idea there was a spinner's guild...fascinating. Wonderful you had a chance to connect with them and be part of a crafting community! I'm visiting you through Sew Sisters Blogathon Canada hop.

  5. amazing photo of the hall and all the spinning wheels…i am glad you have found friends in your new home

  6. Love your Cinderella quote, how true, greetings from the west coast! Have fun with your wool project.

  7. Saying Hi from the hop, love the cartoon.

  8. Just stopping by on this blog hop thru Canada to say hi. I enjoyed reading about your retreat. I haven't gone to any yet.

  9. Sewing friends are wonderful! I don't have any here in the small town where I live, so I connect virtually with quilters through my blog and Instagram. It's great to have so many like-minded friends, even if I've never actually met any of them!

  10. Dropping by on the Blogathon to say Hello! Have you been to the NS Fibre Festival in Amherst? It takes place each year right after Thanksgiving, Tues. through to Saturday. Lots of "all things fibre"!! Check it out next year. Not a "retreat" but lots of great things going on!! Including classes, shows, exhibits, demos....

  11. So wonderful that you have connected with others to share your crafts. I get to go to a class with Anna Hergert on Sunday and Monday. I can`t wait!


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