Monday, May 19, 2014

A Thief In The House

I've started to knit a new shawl.  Knitting right now for me is more portable than my sewing.  I have to find my sewing room after what seems like a long hiatus from quilting.  It seems when my family doesn't know where to put something it lands in the centre of my cutting table.  Yesterday I was able to clear through most of the stuff and find it a good home (often the garbage bag).

My new shawl is called Life Cycles; another beautiful design by Laura Nelkin..  You can find it as a Craftsy class if you would like to knit along with me. This is a square shawl knit from the centre out.  It can be started on DPN or circular with the Magic Loop.  I'm more comfortable with DPNs so that was my needle of choice for the circular cast on.  After about three tries I finally got past Row 3.  Nothing wrong with the pattern ... just the operator getting distracted by kids needing things or phones ringing.

I found this lovely yarn while in Prince Edward Island for Mother's Day.  We made a brief stop at the Belfast Mini Mills.  Their website says that aren't open at this time of year but you can catch them by chance or by appointment.  After a quick call we discovered that they were there busy working in the mill.  I've been there once before, last summer.  It is a lovely spot and the owners are so helpful.  You can take a tour of the mill and visit with their three dogs, see their new peacocks, lambs, etc.  They are creating a new enclosure for the peacocks and creating a little picnic area so that you can have a restful place to have your lunch before continuing on your journey.  I believe I have some photos from last summer ... if I find them I'll share put them up. For now ... check out their link.

Nupps .... I've tried them before without success and swore I would never torture myself again. hahaha  Never IS a long time.  Success!!!

I was hoping to share more progress.  I started this on Friday evening.  The problem...It seems one of my kittens is quite fond of my knitting needles and one of them has disappeared (the needle ... not the kitten). We tore the house apart this weekend looking for the 5th needle.  I managed to find my husband's missing glasses, 5 cat balls, a stuffed mouse toy and my daughter's knitting needle.

Neither Oscar or Ondine are talking.
I think they're holding out for treats.

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  1. Very interesting way to start a shawl. I will have to check this out.


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