Tuesday, May 13, 2014

End of Hibernation

I feel like I am just coming out of hibernation.  I can't believe my last post was in November and we are now in May.  I wish I could say I was travelling the world or on the verge of some great discovery ... but, I wasn't.  I had thyroid surgery in mid-December "to keep me healthy" then spent the rest of the month and Jan recovering; Feb to March catching up, getting a grasp on  "keeping healthy" turning into the discovery of stage one cancer on my thyroid and a slew of new doctor's appointments; April diving right into organizing volunteers for an Orffestra Music Educators National Conference in Halifax with my daughter's dance competitions the week prior and the week following .... and ending up with both kids and husband home sick the week of the conference.  May ...I'm recovering from the month of April!!!   Sounds glamorous, doesn't it!!  

My apologizes to those that follow or have commented and I have not responded to your lovely comments. This is my fresh start.  After the twists and turns of this past year, I am looking forward to getting back to what brings me joy ...spending time with my family and in my spare time (hahahaha) spinning, quilting, drawing.....

Knitting was one thing that I could do after my surgery.  It kept me focused and brought me a lot of comfort. In the fall I posted some pictures of my Skywalker shawl off of the needles and the beginnings of my Clarus shawl (both designed by Laura Nelkin).  I have FINALLY blocked them and am so pleased with how they turned out.  Tonight, I am casting on a new lace shawl ... another beautiful design by Laura Nelkin and I am knitting up a gauge for a lace shrug.  I will hopefully get some photos up for those tomorrow.

Skywalker Shawl

Blocking Clarus Shawl

Knitting this shawl brought me so much comfort after this surgery.  I feel extremely blessed that my cancer was discovered extremely early and that they got it all with the surgery so I don't need any treatment other than thyroid medication and follow up appointments.  I know there are so many other families coping with so much more.  My thoughts and prayers are with those families. It seemed only appropriate that the shawl that I knit through my own recovery be used to raise funds to help others.

I have donated this Clarus shawl along with a table runner to help my children and their friends raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Their Relay for Life team (Rabbits for a Cure) is hosting an online auction on Facebook.  If you would like to help them with their Fundraising please join the auction. Auction ends May 28th at 9 pm

or support them through their team pages

Love and peace xo


  1. Sorry to hear of the trials you have been through over the last few months. Welcome back.

  2. Yes, welcome back! Your shawls are amazing!


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