Monday, October 25, 2010

From Under The Clutter

Welcome to my "Studio"!  I have been asked how big my space is that I work in, what do I have...are you unpacked yet?  So, even though I am embarassed to actually post these pictures, I hope they answer some of your questions....

Question 1:  How big is my space?  Answer....Not big enough! but I will make do for now.

My space is in the basement.  I am not really sure what the previous owners used it for...maybe storage, their freezer, and the office.  I have tried various configurations and this seems to work best.  At first, the sewing machine was at the cutting table and the cutting table was against the wall, but I couldn't stand sitting and staring at a wall.  Now, I can look out the window with hopes of planting some flowers there to inspire me. (My sewing machine typically doesn't look that bad...I had to "erase" a Christmas project under construction)  Ian put a shelf up on the wall to give me some more space, last week.  The bins have my fat quarters and remnants ( all colour coordinated of course ).  The larger bins on the floor are full of raw fleece, rovings, etc....I have a lot more than I realized.  Maybe I need to wash it up, dye it and sell it!  Hmmmm...will work on that thought once I re-purchase pots for dyeing and an outdoor cooking stand.

My shelving unit from IKEA is saving me.  Until this arrived I had a tall narrow bookshelf and another shelf with doors...pretty; not practical.  Those shelves are now blessing the home of a friend while this new one is blessing me!  Yup, that is the extent of most of my fabric these days.  I gave away two large boxes before the move.  Now with the larger shelf the stash is looking rather bleak and there isn't much hope of it growing anytime soon.  The doorway is the furnace room...charming, I know.  I need to have a door placed there so I don't have to see it; it isn't very inspiring.  I need something to help with the smell too....I have a low tolerance for the smell of oil, machinery, chemicals...ick!

Question 2:  What do I have?  Answer....some would say "Too Much" but really I do use most of this...when I have time. 

That being said, I have gotten rid of a lot prior to our move and I am still getting rid of stuff (but it seems to be reproducing).  On the right sewing stuff; on the left, my loom.  There is another one dismantled on the floor; the third is still in Ottawa and I will probably sell that one.  It would take up most of this wall.  My cutting table is actually just a table top from IKEA that is sitting on four of those RubberMaid trolleys.  I used to have a table but I saw it as a complete waste of space.  At least with the trolleys, I have multiple drawers that I store fleece, spinning wheel bobbins and replacement parts, felting needles, scales, guages, etc, etc, etc.  They were my best addition to my sewing room a couple of years ago....wish I had done it sooner!  My rulers are in a stand that came with picture frames.  I tossed the frames; kept the stand!  Not the best way to store them as they can warp over time or fall and chip but my wall space is limited so again I need to make do with what I have.
My lovely tolleys!  As you can see, I am still sorting through things.  Typically I don't like stuff left out (although this seems to be the way that it has looked the past few years).  When I first set up the room I was staring at this wall...not inspiring so that is why my machine is where I can look out the window.  That wall has a future as my design wall....once the hallway is cleared out.

Question 3:  Am I unpacked yet?, NO! 

One of the perks of this move was the relocation company also provided unpackers on this end.  YAY!, I thought....that is until they started unpacking.  When they unpack they don't put away; they leave out on any poor unsuspecting surface.  This would be great if all your shelves had arrived with your stuff and IF you had as much cupboard, shelving, and built-ins that you had in your previous home AND IF the packers had packed only things from the sewing room in sewing room boxes.....sigh!  See below:
Yes, this is what I am still dealing with; the reason why I have done absolutely nothing creative all summer. Not just here but throughout my house.  I clean one area then the mess migrates to the clean is that possible?? This is the entrance to my sewing room and the hallway to the basement area where the kids practice their music.  Eek you say....yes, eek BUT this is a lot better than when we first moved in.  Now, we can actually see the floor in some spots.  What a nightmare!  Mind you, this is not all stuff from the sewing room.  We found in those boxes toiletries (I have the stain on my antique quilt to prove
it), oatmeal (because everyone stores oatmeal in their sewing room), dishes...the list goes on. 
MY GOAL:  To have this hallway cleared out by the end of the week THEN to have a drop ceiling with better lighting installed (the single bulb above the cutting table isn't quite doing it for me, a door on the furnace room, 10,000 room fresheners installed to get rid of oil smell, design wall up, a flowerbed outside the window, find someone that has a source of used wall cupboards, and some creativity taking place DAILY....okay, maybe every other day for now!   Will keep you posted! 


  1. I can sympathize - my mother's thoughts on organization from back when I was a kid is that the mess just migrates from one place to another - especially when you find something of interest within the stuff being organized.

  2. Finding something interesting while organizing can be the Kiss of Death to Project Organization.

  3. Ya I have so many projects I'm working on interms of organization. My craft room needs a revamp but the toy room trumped it all. Good luck getting to the bottom of it. It's taken us one year on average each time we've moved to unpack it all. Loving your blog.


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