Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lost and Found

I seriously didn't know that I had a lost and found bin in my house but I guess I did.  Last night my youngest wanted company in the basement while she practiced her piano.  As I stood there I eyeballed the last of the bins that have yet to be unpacked.  They are my nemesis!!  Most look like the movers just picked up drawers and dumped the stuff in.  For two and a half years I haven't had the energy to even touch them.  Last night I sucked up the courage and opened the first looked mostly like a junk drawer on steroids.  I reached for the garbage bag and removed the first layer...hey there is my power bars...and then what to my wondering eye did appear...


I was wondering what had happened to the rest of my Halloween stash, batiks, sample blocks, Christmas panels, and kids prints.  Welcome to my lost and found bin.

This junk box was brought to you by the packers that used my antique quilts to wrap toiletries and cleaning supplies.


  1. OH NO - movers used antique quilts to wrap cleaning supplies???? WHAT??

    Glad you found some more fabric. I have "misplaced" some completed hexies that need to be sent. Not quite sure where they went. Probably the same place as my child's newly bought book.

    1. After repeatedly being reassured that all my quilts would be packed in sealed bags, yes, I opened the boxes and found them used to wrap. One of the lotions leaked and I have a big stain on one =( I think they just used my fabric for filler in boxes because it was packed with paint/art supplies, with pantry supplies...a container of oatmeal broke open in one box full of cones of weaving thread and spinning fibre, paint and liquids with my quilting/art books. Some stuff I didn't unpack for a very long was so disheartening. It still hurts just thinking of the mess.


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