Thursday, December 13, 2012

O Christmas Tree

This was my view last night.  The kids did a great job!
I pulled out my spinning wheel with the intention of relaxing and unwinding.  I guess it was effective...I curled up on the couch and was fast asleep for the evening.  
I didn't realize how tired I was.

Today I need to tidy up.  Next Thursday I am going to have 8 girls crashed out on this tiny floor space to celebrate my daughter's 12th birthday (a Dec 23rd baby) AND the last day of school!  Friday starts the beginning of Christmas holidays so who knows when they will go home...we didn't set an end time.  My plan is to needle felt Christmas ornaments with them or make some Stars like the ones that Cathy at the Blueberry Patch made.  
I love this time of year.

My breaks from tidying up include:
Relaxing at my spinning wheel ~ I am spinning up a bit of 50/50 wool/silk that I found in my stash.  I plan on plying it with 100% angora that I spun up for my OHS spinning project this summer.

Learning about Inklingo ~ how come my brain starts shutting down when I start reading about computer programs?  I have been following Cathi at Quilt Obsession and I have become intrigued and obsessed with how she makes her quilts!  I will get through my computer issues to figure this out...and if not I will be messaging Cathi and Linda...a LOT! I'm determined to get this to work for me...I'm envisioning lots of hand sewing at dance and music lessons.  If you want to check it out you can go to the Inklingo website and download a free Shape Collection (this is the link to the one I have downloaded...Diamond, Triangle, Stars...thanks Cathi for telling me about this!)

Quick Update:  Cleaning is not happening.  I've left the Inklingo Guided Tour and jumped in to the Shape Collection that I have downloaded and I have to say...I'm really impressed!  It is very user-friendly, great tips and samples, no special ink required or programs to download (my nemesis).  I'm off to get my printer running so I can give this a try!  Woohoo....those 20,000 hexies that I need aren't looking so daunting now! 

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