Saturday, November 17, 2012

Waiting For...

These days I wait...a lot!
I wait for daughters to dance...6 hours per week.
I wait for daughters at music lessons...1 hour per week.
I waited at musical rehearsals ranging from 4 hours to recently 12/18 hours per week.
....some weeks that is 25 hours of sitting and waiting!  And I love it!  I love watching my girls do what they love most.  To make it even better I decided I should spend the time doing what I love most.

Meet my best friend to wait with....

My spindle and Shetland fleece are becoming quite recognizable at the recreation centre and at rehearsals.  It sparks a lot of questions and conversation AND best of all...because of my spindle, I met a fellow spinner.  As I sat with my spindle at dress rehearsals this weekend, one of the cast approached me.  She spins and weaves...since moving to NS; she is my first spinner that I have met.  I have met a few that have spinning wheels but don't spin or want to learn how to spin "when there is more time" but definitely my first spinner.  I have since been contacted by the Spinning and Weaving Guild and invited to join them at their fibre day on the 24th and to join the Guild.  

I tried contacting the guild when we first moved here without any luck...and then life got busy and there just wasn't time but I miss the companionship of fellow spinners as much as I did quilters.  That commonality...that thread that ties us together...people that completely understand the stray threads and bits of fluff on your clothes (your kid's clothes, your husband's clothes) and don't look at you oddly when you pull out a stick thingy and a ball of fluff; people that understand the amount of time that you spend creating something for the pure joy of it.

I love my spindle...I need to start looking through the stash to blend something wonderful to spin at fibre day. 


  1. Waiting, mmmm, remember it well. My son was so active as a child and teen and being rural dwellers meant I was his chauffeur and take-out meal provider. Now that he is grown, I miss all that time spent watching him grow. I came here from directed by another NS blogger and enjoyed reading your blog. I live in Ontario but hope to make Nova Scotia my home one day soon and it is so good to make friends through our handcrafted endeavors.

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Thanks for your comment. I was in the process of posting for today and just got that up...had to get the girls off to school first. It is definitely a time commitment but so worth it when they love what they are doing. I don't regret a moment of it (other than the cost of gas these days). What part of Ontario?...we moved here from ON when my husband was transferred and we absolutely love it here!!


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