Friday, November 30, 2012

One More Day Until December

Is it possible?  We have arrived at December and I still feel like I am catching up from June!  Eek!
My dining room table (the only one we have) is covered with bits and pieces of my dad's Christmas gift that has to get done and in the mail.  My thread painting project of my daughter and my pencil crayons are spread out....and somewhere in there is my Certificate of Achievement for passing  acing my Uncontracted Braille course.  My living room is littered with TV trays....this is where we will be eating until the table is clear. I'm so glad my family loves me!

My to do list for today includes:

  • FINISH dad's gift!
  • Clean off table
  • Shop for baking supplies
  • Drop girls off for play date and lunch with a girl they met in the musical they were in
  • Bake like there is no tomorrow (it all has to be ready for tomorrow for a bake sale for dance)
  • Find a quick pattern and make two place mats that can be done for Monday (I totally lost track of time....our guild is making them for Meals on Wheels to be distributed with meals at Christmas)
  • Make the Block of the Month for Monday
  • Make something to take to our Christmas potluck on Monday
  • Write my CQA bit for our guild to get in the newsletter  DONE!!
  • First....I guess I should get dressed

To get me going in December (while still praying that the experiment taking place on my Laptop works...I'm starting to worry...especially with comments like "bring back to factory standards" (meaning everything on there will be wiped out....this is not a good thing).....
I have joined Kat over at I Saw You Dancing for Reverb'12 (she has described it as a "gentle" blog challenge with December being so busy).  Pop on over and join with me.  Wishing you a kind and "gentle" December.  Remember to be kind to yourself as you continue to bless others.


  1. I am impressed with your list. I just finished the oven (disgusting thing it was). I accidently touched the light and the thing blew up. So I had to move the oven out from the wall to unplug it displaying all sorts of other disgusting stuff that was under it on the floor - how do floors get dirty UNDER furniture? Pretty bad when it took a paint scraper to clean the floor. Looks nice now - too bad the oven will move right back on top of the cleanest section of the floor. So no quilting, knitting etc :( Did your kids get involved with Unicorn Theatre? Mine loved it when they were younger.

    1. I'm always scared to look behind, under, and around my fridge and stove! I hope you took a picture of the end result!...just to prove you did all that work. They haven't done Unicorn but we have heard a lot about it so I'm going to check it out.


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