Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 1st!!!!...errrr....ummm...2nd!

The question of the day for Reverb'12 is was How are you starting this last month of December?

Based on my post title I think you can pretty much guess.  December 1st started with me going to bed around 2:10 am after a night of exploding marshmallows...long story...and preparing stuff for my daughter's dance comp team's bake sale table today.  There was so much food I could have shown up with nothing.  We got to the bake sale a few minutes late then my daughter headed off to assist her teacher with the pre-ballet dance classes.  A couple of hours later she was back to the bake sale to get me and was ready to go home for a quick lunch and a little R&R before I headed out with her and her sister to go back to clean up from the bake sale then pick up one of their "orphan" friends that they met in the musical (they had a play date with her yesterday).  Off we went to Ms Hannigan's house for an Orphan Cast Party.  Dad and I came back home so he could rest (he's been feeling yucky since last night) and I could work on my Dad's Christmas is almost done...I just need to sew up the opening in the seam where I turned it out.  I'm realizing I am not a fan of fusible interfacing...either I am using crappy stuff or I'm not doing something correctly as it does not want to stick.  I'm so used to hand sewing interfacing...I may revert back to doing that.  After losing track of time, we raced out the door to pick all the girls up a few hours later taking note that my girls had wet hair!  How is this possible?  They jumped in the hot tub in their clothes!  I should have expected that!! lol  As soon as we got home, I jumped back in to sewing while the family curled up to watch The Polar Express.  I have one placemat just about just needs binding...and one to quilt and bind.  They are for Monday's guild meeting.  Somewhere in all of that I raced in to town to pick up a parcel from the post office and find a gift for the guild Secret Santa exchange.  I did manage to find time to take a hot relaxing bath before starting the placemats.  I needed a break!  It is now December 2nd and I am sitting here at 12:56 am wondering what happened to December 1st and my “be kind to yourself” mantra for the month!!!!!  As much as my goal for today was to finish the placemats to the point of needing binding, I am going to have to call it quits.  I am starting to get that "too tired" shaking feeling...must get sleep!

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