Friday, December 14, 2012

Fibre Friday

I'm excited...I FINALLY figured out how to create a banner for my blog.  We limit the amount of technology in our home so this is like learning a new language.  I know old version of CAD for Architectural drafting but that is about it.  I am on a learning curve here so for this day...I'm a Genius!!  Pull out the party balloons and streamers!

Heading out to pick up some Christmas gifts...we are very last minute this year.  Praying our parcel gets to BC on time.  Then home to get the printer working (I found the cable) to print off some Inklingo and give it a try.  I'm very excited about this!  Will keep you posted on how it goes.

I managed to do some spinning yesterday.  It was great sitting behind my wheel and just relaxing.

Do you like all our snow?  Please send some our way.

I love this skein.  I's a barber pole but it can be very effective knit up. 

Description:  50/25/25 Angora/Wool/Silk 2-Ply Orthogenous Skein.  The angora gives the yarn a beautiful halo.  The hand of the yarn is so soft (like a little kitten).
40 metres 
16 WPI (wraps per inch)
Recommended Needle Size 3-5

The wool/silk blend was a "scrap" in my fibre bin that I wanted to use up.  The white Angora I purchased from Jan and Peg at Friends in Fiber (the bunny that donated to this spinning project was Snezhinka).  If you need beautiful, clean angora fibre this is definitely my "go to" place. The customer service is fantastic and they are extremely helpful.  They rushed off parcels of angora fibre for me on very short notice to help me cover a fibre shortage that I experienced with my OHS spinning project that I undertook this summer. I even got some wonderful New Hampshire holidaying tips for our next trip through that area.

Here are a couple of other projects that Snezhinka contributed to.  These were my sample projects that I submitted for my OHS design challenge.

Blueface Leicester blended with angora

The projects were inspired by patterns found in my daughter's knitting book.  I'm not sure where she has put it but once she gets home I will post the title.  It is one of the best books I have found for teaching children how to knit and full of lots of fun projects.

100% Angora

Sorry to my quilting non-spinner friends for all the fibre lingo.  The munchkin in the photo above was reading over my shoulder the other night and told me how much she loves me because I "love string and thread" and when I talk quilter and spinner language.  We do have our own language that can baffle others...WPI, HST, QST, PIB.  I hadn't really thought of it until she mentioned it.

Before I head off I just wanted to share something beautiful that took place last night.  On the news it isn't often that we hear good.  This warmed my heart beyond words.  If you have been following along you know that we were blindsided last week and it affected everyone but more so my oldest daughter.  I'm not going to go into the details...what mattered was that she was crushed, sad, hurt, disappointed, and broken.  On top of it she learned some difficult news about someone that she really cares about.  It was a lot to handle, even for an adult.  Last night, this wonderful couple took the time to reach out to our daughter through their own pain and challenges to elevate her, make her feel loved, special, and to show her how much she matters to others.  
They were our angels.  I am so grateful to them for the gift that they gave our daughter.  
A small token that meant the world to her.


  1. I, for one, can't wait to hear how your printing of shapes goes!
    We don't have any snow either -- although I'm hoping we have another winter like last year and don't get any!

    1. We got snow on the 19th...I had a very excited girl here. That is what she wanted for her birthday. I was not so excited. Three trees went down across our driveway and I was halfway down before seeing them and couldn't back up. It was a long day shoveling out and shuttling groceries for a slumber party down the hill and under the trees to the house. lol The kids had a blast.

  2. Oh that gorgeous banner - sew beautiful and I love the bright colours. I have been madly working on a small quilt for a girl at work who is adopting a wee girl from China. I used precut squares but they included black and my fashonistas did not approve so I have been unpicking and building a new version. Then I will learn how to machine quilt!!

  3. Had read your post in Reader but just came to check out your new banner - it looks great, what a lovely colourful picture!


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