Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fresh Starts

Happy 2013!
I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and holiday season with family and friends!  Our family is spread across Canada so it is just the four of us here.  We invited friends over for Christmas dinner and a games night.  Over the holidays we shut down technology, picked up the telephone to make some phone calls, and wrote letters to people we love.  It was nice to sit around the table writing letters!  What a novelty these days!!

I sat down ready to blog the other day.  My daughter was curled up on the couch watching a movie so I plopped down with her, with my laptop.  I really should learn...she sat up, stretched and that long arm of hers tapped the power cord and "poof"...no power...again!  My husband went at it with a screwdriver determined to fix it and was unsuccessful.  Really not how I planned on starting our a new year...it will probably cost more to fix it than to buy a new one! lol  I guess I should start saving my pennies now while I continue to investigate repair possibilities.

My theme for 2013 is LIVE, PLAY, LEARN
  • live life and participate rather than continuing doing what is "expected" of me
  • have fun while doing it and experience new things
  • learn, learn, learn...to have fun, relax, destress

I have a few projects in mind for the year and am planning on making some things to sell this year.  Now that I have the printer liking my laptop, I really, really want to get my laptop working so I can get to my Inklingo download and print some pieces to give that a whorl (I should see if I can have the download on more than one computer...that would solve a lot of technical problems right now).  Our family has set some family goals...paying some things off, my youngest wants us to learn about a famous artist each month and create something in their style, my other daughter wants us to learn German (I have trouble with English some days so that should be fun) but most of all this year is about coming together as a family.

I would post some pics but alas this computer does not recognize my card from my camera.  lol


  1. You can download and activate each Inklingo collection on two computers.

    1. Thanks Cathi. I was just sitting down to email you about it =D Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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