Thursday, March 14, 2013

Feels Like Spring

I stepped out the front door this morning and realized that our snow was pretty much gone thanks to all of the rain.  There is grass and that means the deer will be back grazing in our yard soon.  My oldest daughter stepped out and took a deep breath and declared it to "smell like spring...and that means summer is not too far off".  Good weather equals ROAD TRIP! so we headed in to Bedford for an early morning hair appointment then hit the road for the Valley.  I'm not sure what it is about the Valley.  If I have had a bad day, a trip to the valley is sure to bring up my spirits.  I know it isn't just Avonport Discount Fabrics.  When we first moved here they were closed anytime we drove by.  It definitely doesn't hurt that they have an awesome fabric store there making it well worth the drive (especially when you take the correct highway and don't end up on the road to Amherst).  It doesn't hurt that I love Gaspereau Valley Fibres too (although we didn't go there today...I had to resist the temptation!)  It simple comes down to the fact that the Valley feels like "going home" to me even though home is really in Ontario.

Today, our goal was Avonport.  I needed that gray to make the blocks to mail away.  It took me a while to pick some.  I guess I don't really care for gray and there wasn't a HUGE selection to choose from.  I topped up my gray purchases with some colour that really excited me and made me happy (my girls were even happier when I said "yes, I'm done").  This is what came home with me...and I pretty much stayed in/close to  blew my budget. (The skulls are for my oldest daughter....we went in last October searching for a skull print with no luck.  Today I spotted them so grabbed a bit for her for this Halloween.)

As I was at the cash I heard my youngest give a little shriek.  "Elephants," she cried. "Mom!  How could you not even see these?"  My youngest LOVES all things 'ELEPHANT'.  "Please, Mom...Please buy a little more fabric so I can make some pillows for my room!"  Bless her little soul!  She was begging me to buy more fabric!!! can you resist that?  So, along with my purchases these two pieces found their way to the checkout....

...along with this...followed up with the statement "Can you make me something to hang on this mom OR maybe I can?"  

I then headed in to Wolfville to have a quick lunch with my girls so that we could laugh and visit and plan before our wonderful March Break comes to an end.  

The countdown has begun for summer holidays!!  
I need to confirm some PD days but we believe there are 
68 CLASSROOM days left!


  1. Love the fabric choices Teresa. Avonport is great and I love the way they support a lot of the local charity quilt making projects. And the elephants are gorgeous. It's Sew Time in Elmsdale (exit 8 off the 102) is moving to the other side of the road near the municipal building - the Lloyd E Matheson Centre. She also has reasonable prices and I just bought more fabric there.

    1. I really need to get to her shop. I sat next to the owner at the thread painting workshop that I did and she was a fantastic source of info. My next trip out I'll have to go there.

  2. I can see lots of Spring colours in all your fabric you bought. Your son is right, the elephant one look really cute :D


    1. Thanks Zoe! I just have the two daughters and the one is an elephant fan. It was her room that I just painted blue. I'm wishing I had purchased more...I may have to make a quick trip back.


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