Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Gray Day

My goal today was to make my two blocks for last month's Quilting Bee AND my two blocks for this month so that they would be ready to mail tomorrow.  I woke up today to a rather gray and overcast day and a rainfall warning.  It was rather dreary but still beautiful enough to throw my flip flops on to drive my husband to his bus stop.  As soon as I was home I wanted to call my mom to see how they are doing...then realized it was only 4 am in British Columbia...that made my gray day feel rather blue.  My friend Jackie came to my rescue with a phone call and chat.  Her daughter is in Alberta so she completely understands the time difference issue.  With my sewing machine set up and ready, I ran downstairs to find the perfect fabrics.  The first block needs blue, lime green, and gray.  The second uses teal/turquoise and red.  Can you believe that in all my fabric I don't have any GRAY.  How have I sewn all these years and not used any gray?  Turquoise...I used my last bit not too long ago.  My first inclination was to jump in the car and go to the fabric store...easier said then done.  The fabric store is about an hour away, my kids in were in lazy day pj movie mode AND there was a heavy rainfall warning....I don't do well driving in the rain.  I decided to wait until tomorrow to go and make a day of it.  Soooo, essentially NOTHING was accomplished today other than a great nap on the couch and a couple loads of laundry.  It didn't even rain (well it is now).  I guess I could have gone to Avonport after all.

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