Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...Gobble, Gobble

Some of my friends are celebrating Thanksgiving today (because they live in Canada and didn't have the day off on the actual day).  Yesterday I popped by to visit and to drop off a pie plate to one such friend.  She took part in the felting group last Saturday and loves it!  On Thursday night, I felt inspired to make her a little gift.  Often I feel inspired but don't usually follow through because I think about it so much that a) I run out of time b) I convince myself that it won't be as good as how I envision it because I am a pattern follower.  If there is no pattern...eek! or c) think that they would think it were rather crazy ... hahaha  Thursday, I just went with the inspiration and figured it out as I went pattern (and I lived!).  My friend already has this and has opened it so I can now post the pictures.

This is his coy cute look...If I look cute perhaps they won't eat me!!

Left side profile!  What a poser!

Backside profile...hehehe  Loving the red, white, and blue tail feathers!

Right side profile.  Maybe if I try to look like a buzzard they won't eat me!

Close up!  Loving the camera!

The little turkey ready to go to his new home!  Gobble, Gobble!
PS...received an email this morning.  She LOVED IT!  He will reside on their Thanksgiving Dinner table (not as food)


  1. He was a hit! Your talent amazes me! I hope you feel better SOON! :)

  2. Haha...that is great! As long as no one tried to cook him. Did you take a pic?...and thanks, I will be staying home tomorrow to get some extra rest.

  3. i love the turkey maybe we can do this in february. love you mom


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