Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's December

Really...it's December.  December 6th to be exact.  What happened to the months between July and today?  I was on a blogging roll in July then something happened!  I can't quite figure out what; I think I needed a break from technology!  Anyway, I'm back...mostly because I am sick today and at home (well, I have been sick since Wednesday but decided it was time to take some time off yesterday...now I feel worse) with a sick daughter.  I thought I should touch base to see how everyone is doing as you prepare for Christmas holidays with your families.  We are still trying to get used to holidays without family living nearby; however, we are blessed to have many wonderful friends here that we hope to get together with.

As I am curled up on the couch I am making some Russian Tape Lace...

...very relaxing as I contemplate starting my home business and mentally scheduling time to make things to sell.  I have already sold one pair of handmade baby shoes woohoo!  I am fortunate to have a wonderful friend with experience in promoting her work and another that I know I can count on to keep me focused, that have really been  wonderful at encouraging me to step out of my little safety zone.  Thank you!!!

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