Saturday, June 8, 2013

Countdown to Summer Holidays

I've been away from my computer for quite awhile.  As things get crossed off of the calendar, I get one step closer to my sewing room!!!  Today, while I enjoyed the sounds of Andrea outside, I was inside spring cleaning the main floor and my sewing room.  School finishes here on the 28th!!!!  Taking out field trips and days, closing ceremonies, etc...there are about 9 1/2 classroom days left!

Last night, I finished up bat wings for my daughter's jazz dance recital piece.  I made one back in October for my oldest daughter's Halloween costume and the dance instructor asked if I could make up more for their dance number.  They are so simple....the instructions can be found here My Poppet.  They are so easy to adapt for any size.

Essentially it is a little shrug that they will wear over their black bodysuit.

Since January, I have been participating in a quilting keep me in the sewing room at least once a month.  The group was hosted by Hayley over at Mrs. Pickles Garden.  She did an awesome job keeping us all organized.  There were 6 in the We Bee Canadian group....we are working on our final block.  That being said, some of us have decided to continue on from July to December.  She needs one more for the We Bee Canadian group for it to run (criteria...we are from Canada...simple).  If you would like to participate, hop over to her blog and message her.  I am continuing on and would like to send you a block!

May was my month.  The block I chose was Garden Fence.  I LOVE this pattern. 
Here are the blocks that I was sent from across Canada.  Some generously sent me more than two blocks.  The goal is to make my daughter a double size quilt for her new room. The unfinished block is 10 1/2" and there will be white sashing between them.  How many more blocks do I need?  I can't wait to get started...I was pulling my fabric this afternoon.

The colour choices were based on these samples that I showed them and the elephant fabric that my daughter chose on our last trip to Avonport, along with Martha Stewart's Aegean Blue wall colour with white furniture.

I love how everyone took my suggestion and interpreted the block....and how well they all look together!


  1. Love the quilt you are working on - neat pattern. So many possibilities and not nearly enough time to make a dent in my stash. The bat wing costume is neat - with a black leotard it will be an awesome bat costume. Glad you are enjoying spring... in spite of the rain. Nancy

  2. I just picked up the proofs from the recital so once I have a moment I will post the bat costume. They looked amazing on stage. Life is slowing down (so either school is coming to a close or I'm having a nervous breakdown and blocking everything out (lol)...we will have to make some plans =)


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