Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day

 Happy rainy Canada Day!  

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(saw this on FB...have no idea who to give credit to...I love it!!)

It has been a pretty wet spring and beginning of July.  Fireworks have been cancelled in Bedford...booo!  Holding out slim hope for Halifax.  My husband and kids had a late night out playing games with friends while I worked at home catching up on a few of the Braille courses that I am taking.  One down...two to go before I will feel caught up.  They eventually got up at noon so we missed the parades in town.  I was up early...after going to bed around 2:30 am (I don't think my body realizes that I am done work for the summer) so I crept downstairs to apologize to my sewing machine for neglecting her for so long and to tidy up a bit.  The other day I was down looking around my room wondering why I even bother anymore; I don't have time.  I thought about selling it all, giving it away, packing it up....then today I came across a blog post from Dining Room Empire.  Cheryl (co-author of Sunday Morning Quilts), has organized "Just One Slab Quilts Recover Southern Alberta".

I grabbed my scraps and started to cut and sew.  I can't sell, give away, or pack sewing room is my place of zen.  I just need to make more time to enjoy it!!

On Cheryl's blog she gives a quick summary of how to make the slab blocks.  Square them up to 15.5" and message her to get her snail mail address.  You only need to make one.  My daughter's thought it looked fun so perhaps they may sit down and make some too.  

I've always been a pattern follower so randomly sewing pieces together at first but once I relaxed and didn't worry about colour/fabric placement, it was rather enjoyable and I now am planning to make my own quilt using this block.  It is really quite simple...cut random size scraps (trying to keep all one colour) then piece a couple strips.  Repeat then join these two units.  Continue adding on scraps until your block measures 15.5".  You can add a little white bit if you would like. 

Although I have family and friends in Alberta, none were evacuated from their homes however our thoughts Alberta and all those that have been affected.


  1. I love this idea - I have so many scraps, I just sorted them into colours and put them in plastic drawers. I can never give up even a smidge of material. Random is good for the brain. It uses the other side... And don't give up your sewing room. The more stressed I get, the more I sew. And the less I clean. And with this rain, what else is there to do?

  2. Message me Nancy (my email address is in the About Me). We HAVE to get together this summer! Heading to the art gallery today with my girls. I have a lot of de-stressing to do so there may be a lot of random sewing in my future! lol


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