Friday, July 5, 2013

The Letter "P"

I dedicate this post to the letter "P"!

I usually have a PLAN
Wednesday we walked out the door thinking we had a PLAN
Off to the Art Gallery.....we never made it!

There was brunch in Spring Garden and a stroll down the street....

Love the colours of Halifax and the Maritimes!

There were tree trolls to discover...
On the constant search for tree trolls and ogres this guy was our favourite!

and PLACES we've never seen!  Woozles:  A PLACE for and about children!
If visiting Halifax or you live here but never have been to Woozles, you really must check it out.  The staff is friendly, there are toys and books....and books...and books for any age.  Curl up in the chair and take a PEEK through their PAGES!

What is that music coming from the library?  Let's take a detour...
Is that PIPERS that we see?!
The Tatoo is in town and around the city, bands are performing for free for the public to see.  After we were entertained....

they assembled for their PARADE down the street for their next PERFORMANCE!

There was a stop at Strange Adventures (our favourite comic book store)....

We picked up dad and drove by the PIER.

PIER 21....a great place to visit!
If you are lucky you may see a wee boat at the PORT!

 On Thursday...
We threw out the PLAN
We headed out the door believing anything would do (especially if we finally made it to the Art Gallery!)

We had a PICNIC in the PARK next to the POND...

If we had stayed, we could have enjoyed the PLAY
(If you haven't checked out Shakespeare By the Sea, you really should!)

 We decided to walk to the Gallery by walking through the Halifax SeaPORT (wow, was it hot!)

By this point it felt like the "End of the Line"!  There was zero shade down here.  Grateful we had water!

 We discovered a tunnel that gave us some shelter!
(It was like a mini art gallery graffiti!)


We made our way down Barrington, then what did we see....

We wandered over to see what they were doing...

The Art Bikers are a group of 6 that take art to various locations in the HRM.  Their bring art to the public in a fun and entertaining way.  Their programs are FREE.  Check out their blog (I linked it there for you) or check them out and Follow them on Facebook .  Find out where they are and what they are up to on their calendar or status updates!
They were amazing and lots of fun to create with and chat with (and amazing to find someone in the group from Peterborough with connections to Campbellford and who knew where Warkworth is....miracle of miracles.  It was nice to chat with someone about Northumberland County and barn silos! lol)
We were invited to join them so the girls sat down ready to draw and to PAINT!
Their goal for the day was making PHOTO-op Stand-ins.  
They needed two arms so the girls went to work!

With the bikers, they glued and they stapled...

and a couple hours later, their PHOTO-OP characters were ready to sample....

Introducing Kathy and Karter (The Lovers) in Cornwallis Park...(featuring Cora and Charlotte's arms)

If you happen to come to the city, take a trip to the park (it is off of Barrington down near the VIA rail and across from the Westin (I think that is what it is).  Say hi to Kathy and Karter and while you're at it, meet....

Sullivan and his friend, Murple....

and finally, Yisette!!

Our day, was soon ending.
Did we make it to the Art Gallery...
Nope!  Not even close!!!

Before our walk back to the Point Pleasant, 
we stopped at Sweet Jane's for a nice cold POP!!

Our day concluded with a stop at the beach, we swam and watched the sunset over the lake.  Supper was late, the games were fun, and late in the evening we curled up with our books for a late night PJ Party!

What are we doing today....
It's lunchtime and we are sitting around in our PJS typing, reading, and eating freezies for breakfast! lol
What's our PLAN for today (other than the dentist appt later this afternoon)....

Who needs a PLAN?! 
when you can have this much fun without one!


  1. Looks like such a fun adventure!!! I recognize that park as it's right accross the street from Taj Mahal......mmmmmm. Can't believe you had never been to Woozles. That was where we went every year at the end of school to get a new book fro grading!!!! Miss you guys tons!!!

    1. I'm sure there are tons of places we haven't been. Send me a list of MUST CHECK OUT sites for our Staycation!
      It was loads of fun. Miss you guys too...come have a strange adventure with us!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Lots of fun. Thanks Nancy...finally figuring out the settings on my little point and shoot. lol We'll have to do something this summer =)

  3. So my list of must do places: Saturday at the Seaport Market (awesome crepes, waffles and fresh fruit and veggies). If you are lucky you will see a cruise ship come in - they park right beside the market. Halifax Public Gardens - find the tree that has branches that drape so low that you are in a tree cave. The Citadel - gorgeous view of the harbour. Scott Manor House in Bedford - oldest house in HRM - free tours. Open July and August from 10 - 4. Tea and ice cream and berries from 2 - 4. Note I am biased as one of my daughters works there. Kearney Lake for swimming. And Shakespeare by the Sea is my favourite summer evening activity. Can't go wrong for $15 + chair rental.

    1. Okay Nancy...our paths must have crossed at some point in time. My favourite go to places...the market, Kearney Lake and Shakespeare by the Sea (I was hoping to take in Snow White the other day but the day got away from us...maybe Tuesday night). Is Scott Manor House where the spinning and weaving guild meets? Haven't been to the Citadel in years.

  4. Scott Manor House website - I am not sure that the guild meets there but there is going to be a quilt display from the Mayflower guild in August. We probably have crossed paths - our lists are very similar.

  5. They do meet there for their Saturday Spin in. Let me know when in August. I would love to go. Had the realization that guild will not happen for me this fall (not that I made many meetings after I started working this winter). My daughter is dancing 3 hrs on Monday nights =(

  6. Maybe we can meet for tea and strawberries as well as a little quilt gazing. The info I sent you in my email will probably transpire this weekend. So once I get used to things, maybe we can get together.

    1. Hey Nancy,
      I've tried to reply to the email but the server keeps bumping it back to me. Sounds lovely. When said events transpire, let us know if you need anything =)


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