Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of Summer Clean Up

I cannot believe the girls go back to school next week!   I'm so sad .... I love spending time with them (that being said, one is upstairs watching a movie, one is in the next room playing a game on the computer, and I am sitting in my studio reorganizing it and cleaning).  I have pics and travel tales to post about but I don't have time right now.  I need to get daughter #2 ready to go fundraising for her dance studio...they are doing a car wash (it is currently raining and doesn't look like it will be getting any better).

I am looking around my room and have had a few thoughts...some have crossed my mind before and others are sudden "I wonder if" thoughts.

The main ones:

  • Wow...things have really gotten out of order down here this summer!!
  • I'm unemployed!  Is there something in here that I could do for income? and where do I start?
  • and my new one....Is all of this covered under my home owners insurance?  Having lost a home and contents when pipes burst and our insurance company finding a loophole and not covering a dime, I am always leery.  

So, I have a few questions?
  • How do you store your WIPs so that you don't have to re-iron them every time you pull them out and so they don't completely take over any flat surface in your studio?
  • Do you keep an inventory of all your fabric, notions, etc that you have?  I am talking sewing machines, looms, spinning wheels (yes, plural), bags of fibres for spinning...books.  (When our pipes burst they did not cover anything...let me tell you that it is a sad day when you see the majority of your possessions tossed into a dumpster...fortunately, the week before I had removed all my artwork, family photos, and family history from the house or I would have been devastated.  We were getting the house ready to sell.)
  • If you do keep an inventory of your fabric and notions, how detailed is it in terms of quantity and measurement of the piece of fabric and batting, etc?

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