Friday, September 13, 2013

Catching Up ... and a Giveaway!!!!

I've been away from my computer for most of the summer.  Quality time with my daughters and visiting with my parents for the month of August was #1 on my To Do list.  I have to say ... mission accomplished.  We had a lovely summer together.  It included trips to the beach, PEI, staycationing around Nova Scotia, and games.  Did I have time for anything creative? ... nope!

Gabrielle is here now and the rain is coming down so a good time to catch up with things.

Here are some highlights of our holidays....with a giveaway at the very end of the post...

Step one...visit Cow's Ice Cream down by the harbour...
We have been to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic quite a few times; however, this is the first time that the the chandlery of William Robertson and Sons has been open.  I discovered a love of knots and bumpers this trip and had a wonderful conversation with the interpreter about oakum.

We also discovered the Days of Sail room ... how have we constantly missed this room??

The Oven Natural Park
This was a first time visit for all of us and we LOVED it.  The scenery and hike is beautiful ... and the railings helped me get over the fear of falling from a cliff!

One of my first loves....old cemeteries (my poor girl's have been dragged through more cemeteries than I can count.  Their first playground was a cemetery next door to our first house.  It has paid off ...we could have spent hours here!)

The Old Burying Ground
I'm so happy that I finally had time to actually stop and look.  My dad is a cemetery lover too so I think this was a highlight of his trip to Nova Scotia. 

The Halifax Citadel

Another first ... My girls love this sort of stuff.  They love history and historic architecture.  They were so involved in their visit that my daughter asked to skip dance so we could stay longer and that NEVER happens!

First...a little view of the fog rolling in

Ummm....where are all my photos for the Citadel????  eek

Moving on and hopefully I will find them....

After a quick trip to PEI (photos to follow on another day...)

A day trip up to the valley to visit the Tangled Garden...
On the way, we came across this beautiful sight in Falmouth, NS

The Sunflower Maze

This is the only sunflower maze in Nova Scotia.  Located between exit 7 & 8, Dakeyne Farm is operated by Don and Annie Wilson.  The maze is family operated over 5 acres of their property.  According to the website, they operate until the last petal falls (the girl that I was speaking with said they would be open until mid-late September).  According to yesterdays Facebook post, Gabrielle may put a quick end to the season.  If you miss it this year then watch for it next year!!

(my daddy)

 When you finish your stroll through the maze grab a kite and head out to their open field to enjoy the stunning views.  After this little adventure, the girls were a bit more receptive to our desire to move to the country.  Suddenly Christmas wish lists changed and we now see "horse" and "cow" added.

Tangled Garden

My friend suggested this little trip to Wolfville.  I really wanted to take my parents to places that weren't the typical tourist stops and places to indulge mom in her love of gardens and food.  This definitely met those requirements.  If you stop in make sure to try the ice cream.  The girls loved the chocolate mint; I loved the lemon thyme.

I could go on and on; it was such a beautiful visit with my parents and now they are back in British Columbia and school is back in ... it is so quiet!  I've done a little sewing and made some blocks for We Bee Learning and We Bee Canadian.

On Wednesday, I started out for the grocery store but it was so beautiful out and after a really rough weekend and start to this week, my car decided to take me back to the valley and my car decided to pull into the parking lot at Avonport Discount Fabrics.

This little selection of fabrics decided to come home with me ... I'll link up to the designer where I have the information (I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies or designers listed below)
From left to right
  1. The black and white ... I wish I could tell you the collection.  Its beautiful.  
  2. The Blue Skies Collection by Sharon Holland Designs for Paintbrush Studio
  3. Owls and Presents from the Owl Hoot and Loot Collection by Alexander Henry
  4. Not sure of the collection ... I picked this up for my selection for this month's We Bee Learning block
  5. Blitzen by Basicgrey for Moda
  6. oh deer! by MoMo for Moda
  7. Nancy's Holiday Favorites by Nancy Halvorsen for Bernatex, LLC
  8. ladybug garden by doodlebug designs for Riley Blake Designs C3252
  9. Beatrice Weave by Michael Miller Fabrics LLC
  10. ladybug garden by doodlebug designs for Riley Blake Designs C3251
  11. Adventures With Alice from Robert Kaufman
  12. Rhyme Time by Annabelle Rose for Wilmington Prints
  13. Rooftop Garden for Moda
  14. "sebastian ghastly" by Alexander Henry
  15. White Kona Solid by Robert Kaufman
  16. In Front ... 8 cuts from the Happier Collection by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake Designs (and after the week that I have had, it really did make me happier!)
  17. Aurifil Mako'ne 50/2 2260
After a successful trip to the fabric store, my car decided to take me over to Gaspereau Valley Fibres (really...if you are in the area, you cannot go to one and not the other)

A set of Clover bamboo circular needles and a couple of skeins of Big Blue Hand Dyed 100% Blue Face Leicester Wool by Fleece Artist, decided to jump into my shopping bag.  I had stopped in just for the eye candy and inspiration but the sample for this cowl pattern jumped out at me.  I don't do a lot of knitting but when I do I really enjoy it.  The stitch used was something I had not seen before.  It is called a Linen Stitch and made the cowl look almost woven and it gave the cowl a beautiful soft hand.

The giveaway.....
Sooooo.....I never have giveaways ... I've thought about it but it just hasn't happened.  Today, with all the rain and dreary overcast skies I feel that today is the day that I need to share a little joy (because really...we all love a giveaway).  I don't have the fancy bells and whistles found on other blogs.  For this, we will be using the high tech "hat" and one of my daughters picking a name.  Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you to get your mailing info.

When I was on my little feel better road trip to the valley, these also came home with me for my stash but today, I would like to share a little.  (again, I am in no way affiliated with either company).  Today, I am giving away this lovely "Beach Blanket" pattern from Lucy's Crab Shack collection as we say goodbye to summer.(be sure to check out the Sweetwater blog) Finished size 48" x 65" AND 6 fat quarters from the beautiful Michael Miller Bella Butterflies and Blossoms collection.

What to do...
You have 3 chances...
  1. Leave a comment ... I love comments and meeting other people around the world.  Tell me what your favourite part of summer was.
  2. Follow me ... if you already follow me just tell me so
  3. Share on your blog/facebook ... I love finding new blogs and typically I have found them when someone else has shared. If you share, remember to tell me.
This giveaway will be open until Thursday, September 19th, 2013 (11:59 p.m.)
The winner will be contacted via email. I will mail outside of Canada.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. What an interesting post , I loved seeing the various places you visited and I love old cemetaries too and sunflowers and do you know I was in Avonport yesterday as well , too bad I didn't know you were there . Thanks for the comment on my blog and telling me about your giveaway . Thanks for the chance.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the tour.
    And thanks for the give away too!

  3. What an interesting read and such beautiful pictures. I've been to some of those spots having grown up in and around Halifax. The Tangled Garden looks wonderful. I've heard about the discount fabric store but not been there. My son now lives in Lunenburg but we've not had a chance to visit the Ovens yet.
    I love all your blocks and bright fabrics too!

  4. I added myself as a follower too.

  5. How lovely! Mum mum is visiting Nova Scotia and PEI as we speak. Great to see pics of things she is emailing me about!

  6. It looks as though you had a great time!!
    I'm in England and we're off on holiday to Cornwall in a few hours - I hope the weather improves!!

  7. Um you love comments, but I love giveaways. How fun you did a lot of visiting this summer.

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  10. Love your blog. Your summer trips sound like so much fun. We usually go to the Ovens every year along with Cape Split, (we are still trying to get there....maybe it will have to be a fall hike this year). My favourite part of the summer is hanging out with friends, they have save my sanity this year. A lot of stress and changes came my way this summer and if it weren't for my friends, I don't know how I would have survived. I shared your post and now I follow you. Love your pics and your posts.

  11. I loved seeing the pictures of your summer adventures :) Ours included my parents visiting Alberta, a lot of soccer, and exploring the Rockies every chance we got! I recommend seeing them on horse back. I miss Ontario beaches and if you ever want to meet up, we could sit on quilted beach blankets and talk quilting (and other stuff I'm sure). I know a beach or two ;)

  12. Loved your photo may even keep some of them and share. Working on a quilt for youngest grandaughter so her mother can put the table topper I made on the table.

  13. These are beautiful pics - I especially love the sunflowers and the view through the wooden window.
    My favourite part of summer was spending time on the beach with three generations of my family.

  14. and I already follow you:-)
    Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway.

  15. What wonderful places you visited! The best part of summer for me was being with my children. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. I have your blog bookmarked, and I check in regularly. Missed your posts this summer, but you were obviously busy with more important things! My favourite part of this summer was a short trip to Alberta where I got to spend some time with my sister, niece, and nephew. And ironically, I am very happy fall is here.. as I find the heat & humidity of July/ August too much!

  17. I think the best part of the summer for me was the fact that we had one at all! Summer has passed us by the last few years, but this year more than made up for it. Day after day after of the most marvelous weather I have ever seen :)

  18. Your posts come directly into my inbox and I enjoy every one. :) And a give away is always fun - maybe I should have one someday, too :)

  19. Your photos from your vacation are stunning! They really make me want to move to Atlantic Canada!
    My favourite part of summer is the long, long days - love all that brightness!

  20. I have now subscribed to follow your blog via email.


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