Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baking Day

First off...don't forget about my ends tomorrow.  I have had a couple people mention that they have had difficulty leaving a comment.  I took off that verification thingy (because really...I have trouble even reading those myself).  If you do have trouble just email me personally via my profile email.  I've been trying to reply to everyone personally but yesterday I wasn't even focusing so I will try to catch up tonight and tomorrow.  I do appreciate everyone's wonderful comments and good luck to all those who have commented and signed up to follow my blog.

I had hoped to have more accomplished today but then I saw a post on FB about the tragic accident in Ottawa today.  I just had to stop everything that I was doing and process what I was seeing.  My first thought immediately went to my husband even knowing that the bus route he was using took him no where near where the accident happened.  I then thought of all of our friends and family that live in the Barrhaven area.  I've already heard from a friend who witnessed the aftermath and my heart goes out to her and everyone else involved.  My deepest thoughts and prayers to all.

Gluten free zucchini bread....finally gluten free success!!!
After a week and a half of our new schedule ... back to school, 7-9 hrs of dance, 1 hr of music (guitar & voice), and about 5 hrs of combined rehearsal time for Wizard of Oz ... I think we are doing pretty good (as so eloquently stated by my daughter who is sitting here reading over my shoulder).  This is before we have even started band rehearsals, Jazz Club, and Orffestra...I think I have a carpooling schedule worked out...fingers crossed!  She is right though.  We have been getting everywhere on time, the girls are staying on top of their homework, and I have been actually making it to my sewing room! AND I feel more relaxed than ever.  All this with daddy away since the second day of school...he has been working in Ottawa.  I will be so happy when I hear that front door open tomorrow night ( long as it is him and not some scary stranger).  The only flaw in our routine was me ending up sick yesterday...flat out on the couch, and our eating.  There wasn't enough time for them to eat and I have no idea why we even had food in our fridge.  Our eating choices on the go are rather limited...McDonald's, Subway, and Tim's (hmmm...I wonder why I am getting sick).  Enough is enough.  Looking at the schedule, I have re-declared Wednesday "Baking Day"!!!  So far, I have a big pot of Sausage & Kale Penne, Carrot, Ginger and Quinoa Soup, 16 mini GF zucchini bread (make that 15...I just saw my daughter walk by with one in her hand, there are 8 mini GF banana bread in the oven as I type, and plum bread mix waiting to go in.  I think that is pretty good for a start of meals and lunch snacks for the rest of the week...considering I'm sick.

Yum...the smell of banana bread!!
I think I need to clean my oven....

On the knitting front, I am almost done that beautiful linen stitch cowl and just signed up for the Craftsy Mastering Lace Shawls class with Laura Nelkin.  So far...loving it!  A lot of the stitches I knew already but it was nice to see that I did not teach myself how to knit incorrectly!!  I am just starting lesson 4 "Skywalker - Jedi Training" (Skywalker is the name of the shawl).  I am ready to pick up my needles!  Many of their classes are on sale right now so if you have been thinking about trying something new, it might be a good time to register.

In my sewing room, I have signed up to a participate in The Countdown To Christmas QAL hosted by Melia Mae Quilting and Better off Thread.  They have just started week 2...cutting the fabric so there is still plenty of time to join in on the fun.  I was going to get my fabric didn't quite work out so hopefully tomorrow or Friday.  See...I am already behind! lol

Better Off Thread
I have no idea how to get my little image to link back to the actual site.  If you click on Melia Mae Quilting or Better off Thread in my post, it will take you to the QAL information (and maybe someone can tell me how to link this little button back to them! thanks)

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