Saturday, September 14, 2013

On The Road

The title says it all ... this was my day in a nutshell and it isn't over yet.

Woke up first thing this and took my daughter to dance.  She helps with a pre-ballet/tap class and a returning ballet/tap class on Saturday morning for two hours.  Then I had to run home and pick up my other daughter so we could go purchase her supplies for her first year in Family Studies.  They are making "Ugly Creatures". Once we found what she needed (and I found a couple more pieces for my Christmas scrap quilt) we rushed to pick her sister back up from dance.  Wait...I'm not done yet...we headed back to Bedford and grabbed a quick lunch at Tim Horton's (why do I even have food in my fridge this week??).  After lunch we were off so we could all get our hair cut (my oldest got her hair chopped right was a shock but so cute.  I think she is torn.  Understandable considering she used to cry when I would trim an inch off her hair as a toddler...she thought she looked like a boy even with her hair still to her waist.).  We arrived home long enough for me to heat up two leftover tacos for them and now Flea is off to dance again for the next hour and a half.  Then I need to go back to pick her and her friend up.  I think I wore a path between Bedford and Tantallon today! I'm tired!!!

So grateful that I picked up some yarn and cowl pattern this week; I'm halfway finished.

Fleece Artist Big Blue
100% Blue Face Leicester Wool 112m/125g
Linen Stitch

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Wishing you a safe and productive weekend.


  1. LOVE the colors in your cowl!!! And the stitch is interesting too. Looking forward to seeing the finish.

    1. Hey Teresa...I know I emailed you personally but I noticed that my comment/reply section was somehow changed. Just testing to see if this is working properly again.
      Thanks again for you comment. I will be sure to post a finished picture.

  2. That cowl is fantastic! Love the colours in it!


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