Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simplifying Christmas Part 2

 Happy New Year!!!  I cannot believe that we are already in 2011.  I remember in elementary school being asked to think about what we would be doing in 2010 and we laughed because it seemed so far away.  Now I have children telling me "You're not old mom...not until I am 60!"  So, officially I will not be old until my 89th birthday!  I wish everyone all the best in 2011 and happy crafting!

So, as promised I took some pictures of Christmas gifts made by my family.  Perhaps they might give you some ideas on how you can simplify Christmas in your home or help you with your Christmas budget because none of these gifts cost a fortune to make.

Gift 1:  Grandma had Rosie.  I had originally thought that mom would sew something for Rosie so this was a wonderful surprise.  At first glance, it looks like Grandma made a photo album but it was so much more. 

Grandma caters these days but she was always cooking when I was a little girl.  Our door was always open to friends, family and neighbours and I would often (and still do) hear "It doesn't take any effort to add another potato to the pot."  I have been after her for years to go through her recipes and sort them she did!

Rosie's Christmas Album
Inside the cover of Rosie's Album there are pages and pages of Grandma's favourite recipes with room to add more.  When we lived in Ontario Rosie always baked with her Grandma so this is a very special gift that I know she will always treasure.
Sample page inside Rosie's Album
 Gift #2:  Dad had my DH
At first I think some of the men in the family were rather stressed about having to "make" a gift but they were great sports about the idea.  For most of the year I kept hearing, "I think I'll make..." or "I wish I knew how to..." So,  I was anxious to see what my dad had been up to as my dad is a reader (when he isn't helping mom in the kitchen).  Well, dad has been busy this year and we are all going to stay warm this year.  Dad made the blanket with the orange then was on a roll so mom helped him make one for each of us (somewhat cheating on the rule that you only would give a gift to the person you were to make for but I guess it is a grandparent's right....or so I was break a few rules!)  They are so warm....the girls have been dragging their all over the house! (This is our set up for our New Year's Eve camping in the living room but you get the idea)
Tied Fleece Blankets - Reversible (and oh so warm)
I may have to put a tutorial up for these!
 Gift 3:  Q had Peanut and put his Sea Cadet skills to use.  In Sea Cadet's he has been learning how to make various knots.  This particular one is called the "Monkey Fist" and he taught it to himself with his Knots book.  I keep looking at it to figure it out and he has explained it to me but I still had to look it up to see how to make it  Peanut loved it (she is a keychain collector) and I know Q was proud of his work and so he should be.

Monkey Fist Key Chain

Gift #4:  My brother had my name.  When he first drew my name he proclaimed..."I'm going to build you a sewing table"....yay me!  Then we moved to NS and the year long joke was about the shipping costs for said table.  When the box arrived, my family looked at it and said, "I don't think it's a sewing table mom!" haha  It wasn't but It was BETTER.
The Night Before Christmas as told by my Brother
When I first opened the box, the girl's stated, "Hey, Uncle E was supposed to MAKE something for you."  This was a true case of don't judge a book by the cover.  When I opened the book my brother started to read to me....and I started to cry!  I am talking about great big crocodile tears dripping off my chin sort of cry!  I will always treasure this.  Mom and Dad  told me that he tried to record it many times but kept getting choked up and would have to start again.  My brother and I....we are quite the pair!!

To Be Continued...the last 2 may be Tutorials.  I am hoping to get pics of what others received.

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