Friday, July 15, 2011


I love strawberries and it is strawberry season in the maritimes.  So good; so sweet; so many berries!  I have busy making jam and freezing berries.  If I had been thinking, I should have dried some too.  Maybe I can get some more!
I have joined this 30 day Challenge...I need to do something creative everyday for 30 days.  Since the girls are home for the summer, they are going to take part with me.  Our theme today....Strawberries!  I have been told that making jam IS creative.  The girls have their ideas; they just need to do it!  It involved a trip to Gaspereau Valley Fibres AND Avonport Discount Fabrics.  To be 100% honest, I wasn't too sure about what I would find there.  Let's just say that it has been added to my list of favourite places to go in Nova Scotia.  It was the first time that I have entered a quilt shop in over a year and dare I say, I felt a tear form when I saw all the fabric AND the prices!!  I had to buy some fabric...fabric and thread make me is for my strawberry theme so I could justify the purchase (and it made me happy).  I bought a little extra so maybe I might make two and give one away. 

My friend emailed me to let me know that Quilt Canada 2012 is in Halifax next year.  I am pumped.  I will be heading back to Avonport for sure (and any of my friends from Ontario that will be heading to Quilt Canada next definitely need to schedule a stop in Avonport.  You won't be disappointed!)

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