Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CQA Challenges 2013

The Canadian Quilter's Association (CQA) has a couple of challenges taking place that you may be interested in.

The first is a Pin Cushion Challenge.  You do not need to be a member of CQA to participate.  Check out this link for the details....

The second challenge is a Youth Quilt Challenge.  The Theme:  Your Favourite Food
The idea is to get CQA members to sponsor and mentor a young quilter.  There are three categories:  elementary, middle, and high school.  They must be sponsored by an individual or shop member that is in good standing with CQA.  Here is the link:

There you go...I quick project to get you thinking and give you a chance to use up those scraps AND an opportunity to share what you love with your child, grandchild, or class.  Good luck!

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