Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Wish I Was Sewing

I was called in to work today.  I do sub work so this is a good thing...this is how I get paid.  The bonus...I love the kids that I work with!!!  It was a short shift today and on the way home all that I could think about was sitting down at my sewing machine.

I wish I was sewing...I really do!  BUT this is life and the reality is that sometimes we have to shut the sewing machine off and deal with other washrooms!!!  Weeks ago, I woke up to the smell of sewer gas...gag!!!  I tried every plumbing trick that I know and we thought that the problem was solved.  About a week later, I walked to the end of the road and back and opened the door to the smell of sewer gas!!!  My eyes were watering.  The plumber has been here three times and the issue is issue.    To date, the shower has been the plumber and the sink has been taped the plumber but smells! It has been decided that the washroom must be gutted.  My husband said that he would do this but he has been out of town the past few days and simply said...I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE =(  As soon as I walked in the door, the smell hit me again...I have now vacuumed out the toilet and dismantled it and stoppered up the plumbing in the floor.  My drywall knife is ready to make the first cut in to the wall(and yes, it's husband wasn't so much into home renovation until he met me).  I'm looking to see what is in this toilet even hooked up to a vent?  My guess is NO!

It isn't in the budget today but the new plan for the washroom is to gut it and move the washer and dryer in there plus a wash tub.  Then we can install a counter and some cupboards for all my dye and equipment.  This is the plan.  I need to start saving my pennies...the plumbers estimate came today...eek...gasp...but it will be so worth it in the end.

I sit here lovingly looking at my fabric and sewing machine with my wrench and knife beside me.  I wish I was sewing! lol

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