Saturday, October 20, 2012

Craft Shows and What Brings Me Joy Pt 4

The past few days have flown by...I would think "blog" then fall asleep.  Exhaustion was starting to set in.  

Yesterday I made homemade ketchup.  I was only able to get enough tomatoes to make six jars...eek!  

This stuff is so good and so much better than commercial brands in my humble opinion.  How will I survive through the winter with only six jars?!

Today, I ran away.  I thought I would be stuck at home for the daughter lost her voice and the other had elastics jammed between her back molars yesterday to make room for a spacer.  The pain set in today.  It wasn't a great day in our house.  My husband had a meeting but decided to stay home so I could have a bit of a break.  I seized the moment and took off to the Prospect Rd Craft Show and Sale...a couple of my friends had a table so I wanted to go support them and check the show out.  WOW!  There were a lot of people there and a lot of tables.  I had one daughter with me (the tylenol kicked in) and she kept saying "Mom, you can do that!", "Mom, you can do that!"  I can do perhaps it's time to get myself out there.

What Brings Me Joy Pt 4
31.  Homemade Ketchup
32.  The first flowers of spring
33.  Lilacs
34.  A bag full of angora fibre
35.  Puppies
36.  Bunnies
37.  Lambs
38.  Petting stingrays
39.  Petting Beluga Whales
40.  The countdown to Christmas Holidays =D

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