Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Thought It Was Tuesday

Today was one of those days where you are running in circles and feeling like you aren't accomplishing anything.  Then suddenly it comes to a crashing halt!  That's what happened while I was at the Pet Store picking up food and hay for Cocoa and Vanilla...our resident gerbils.  The world started to spin and get a little darker and my legs grew weaker.  Fortunately I did not hit the floor.  I was able to lean against a display until the feelings of passing out...well...passed!  After that for the rest of the I felt lousy with a capital "L"!  I'm hoping that I'm not coming down with something.  I'm wondering if there was something in the pet store that I might be sensitive to because I seem to recall this happening the last time I went on a gerbil food run.  So, after resting a bit, I got up and helped my daughter with the finishing touches on her project and then it hit me...Today is not Tuesday...It's Wednesday!...and that means that I missed my CSA food pickup.  <insert frustration here>  I don't shop at the grocery store.  The only food we eat is the food that is delivered in our trusty box and whatever I make.  I have never missed a pick up before.  Can I have a restart on this day?

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