Friday, October 12, 2012

CQA Conference 2013 and What Brings Me Joy

What's this...two blog posts in two days?!  I must be ill!  Actually, I joined Blogtoberfest 2012.  Kari over at The Purple Quiltapotamus (I love her blog name) told me about it and I thought...why not?!  

I am always so excited when the information starts showing up for the Canadian Quilter's Association Conference.  Although I have never been able to participate, I have had the opportunity to volunteer in class with Kathy Tidswell at CQA 2012 in Halifax. She is an amazing teacher and I learned so much simply by assisting in her class.  Tomorrow, I am so excited to be taking her Thread Painting Workshop hosted by our Guild.  I also volunteered at CQA in Ottawa working in the Professional Workshops.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet amazing quilters and textile artists from across Canada.  This year, the conference will be held in Penticton, BC.  If you live in the area but aren't able to commit to a class, I highly recommend volunteering in a class, as a greeter, in the juried show...there are so many jobs that need doing to run a successful conference. Here is the link for CQA Penticton, BC 2013. If you aren't able to volunteer then consider submitting a quilt for the National Juried Show or the Trend-Tex Challenge.  For me, the cost of travelling from Nova Scotia to British Columbia is rather limiting.  I wasn't even going to consider this but then I went to Google Map...You see, shortly after moving to NS from ON my parents, my brother and his family all moved from ON to BC...That was over 2 yrs ago.  I haven't seen my brother and his family since; I haven't met my new nephew.  Penticton is less than three hours from his front door!  I am now pricing things out!  

I really want to go to see my family and if I can work in a class and the National Juried Show then I will be a very, very happy person!!  Dear Santa.....

As an aside, I feel like I've been going non-stop for the past few years and things are slipping by me.  At Thanksgiving we each shared what we were thankful for.  A lot of discussion resulted from this.  Over the next 10 days, I'm going to share 10 things that bring me joy simply because there are times that we need to stop and remind ourselves of what really matters

1.  My children turning around multiple times to wave good-bye as they walk to the bus.

2.  Finding my girls curled up together sound asleep.
3.  The colours of the autumn leaves reflecting in the lake.
4.  The smell of fresh baked bread.
5.  My husband taking over the task of after dinner cleanup so that I can take a break.
6.  A new box of crayons
7.  My children believing that I am the best artist in the world and how they encourage me to just do what I love.
8.  The sound of my spinning wheel when I spin.
9.  Fresh homemade soup on a cold autumn day.
10.  Phone/Skype calls from family and friends.

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