Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UFO #1 Lone Star Update

Phew!  I actually found sewing time last night and today.  It is really a miracle some days, weeks, month, years... 

Last night Early this morning before heading to bed, this is what the Lone Star was looking like.

This afternoon, after wandering around the house feeling absolutely discombobulated (I love that word!)for most of the day, I finally found my way to my sewing room.  Giving up all hope on doing any housework, I started sewing again.  My goal was to have the rest of  the star pieced and the small inside border on before my girls got home.  I finished the last of the borders just as my oldest came downstairs proclaiming hunger.  If all goes well their dad will take them to rehearsal tonight so that I can add the pieced border.  I am really loving this and so glad that I didn't add the appliqued flower baskets in the corner squares.  I took a poll of the family and none of them cared for them either.

Hoping to post the next stage later tonight!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cathy! I impressed myself with this one. Was just looking at it wondering if I should keep it at the 73 x 73 or if I should bump up the borders and make it queen sized...hmmmmm.

    2. Looking good Teresa, Queen size would be pretty impressive.

    3. Right now I'm wishing I had a larger table to lay it out on! lol Thanks Michelle =D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Carol! It was daunting to start but fun to sew. Just added the outer borders and am getting it ready to send out for quilting.


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