Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunflowers and Joy

This past couple of days has been all about cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning!  I think my family is in shock that so much was done in such a short period of time.  The plan is that if I don't have so much to clean then I will have more time to sew and spin.   Now they just need to jump on board and help me keep it this way.

Today, I found time to sit back down to work on the sunflower. My lighting is not as great as it was at the workshop.  My husband has been talking about installing better lighting in the basement for me.  I have a washroom to fix so upgrading lights may be pushed aside for a while. With a few task lights set up around my machine I think I was able to achieve what I was hoping for.  What do you think?

How should I finish this?  Some of the thoughts that I have are:
a) do a variety of other flowers to make a small wall hanging
b) a journal cover
c) frame it as is

Part III ~ What Brings Me Joy
21.  Finished Sunflowers
22.  Starry nights
23.  The sounds of brooks and small waterfalls
24.  That look when a child figures out the answer
25.  Spring Peepers
26.  Making preserves just like mom
27.  Relaxing at my spinning wheel
28.  Freshly dyed skeins drying on the line
29.  Clotheslines full of freshly washed sheets and clothing
30.  Lightning storms


  1. You did a great job Teresa !!!!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I sent the image to Kathy and she was very happy with how it turned out. She gave me some more tips for shading and blending the colours more so I am anxious to get started another one =D


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